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Take control of an advanced mech that switches between ball and walker modes in a fun multiplayer death match with avatars and voice chat!
Roll-a-mech is still in development and is regularly updated with new game modes, features and content!

Current Features:

- 7 Multiplayer Stages playable with 1-5 players in Deathmatch.

- 2 customizable Roll-a-Mechs for you to pilot and make your own.

- Voice chat and Oculus Avatars in multiplayer.

- AI drones to battle while waiting for other players to join.

- Time attack target hunt mode with online global leaderboard.

- Playground arena for unranked multiplayer.

Give feedback on what you want to see in future updates at our Discord channel

What is a Roll-a-Mech?

During the space travel boom of the 2030s, there was a need for a versatile, fast and compact personal transportation vehicle that can also traverse the huge mega structures that were being built. The Roll-a-Mech was introduced a new type of mechanoid vehicle that could meet these needs.

Construction_Blueprint - large.jpg
Walk Mode

In walk mode, Roll-a-Mechs can grip onto and move on nearly any surface (even vertical ones).

When fitted with automatic weapons, this makes for a very stable and flexible attack or defense platform.

Roll Mode

In roll mode, Roll-a-Mechs can travel very quickly across large distances. 

In this mode, visibility is slightly reduced as the 4 legs are raised to avoid ground contact.

Grapple Mode

Roll-a-mechs can also fire dual grapple cables onto most surfaces.


These can be used to rappel or move towards the grapple point, or even to get a speed boost when rolling.

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