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Happy New Year!

Akemashite Omedeto Gozaimasu from ROBOSARU Games! We have some exciting releases and updates planned for 2017:



The initial release of REFLEX UNIT for iOS and Android was really a soft release to test the waters for the poplarity of this kind of twin stick shooter. In 2017 we are planning the first "real" release of the game. This will include more levels, iOS controller support (already in the Android release) and fingers crossed, multiplayer. Stay tuned for details and release date info!



Coming in Summer 2017, we are really excited to announce the planned release of REFLEX UNIT VR for GEAR VR and OCULUS RIFT. It has been a really fun challenge to bring REFLEX UNIT to a 3D Immersive Interface and the approach we have taken will hopefully be well received. Take a look at the Alpha preview video and let us know your thoughts! MORE INFO



Coming in 2017 for mobile (iOS and ANDROID), DAYS OF MARS tells the story of the lone survivor of a doomed mission to mars. Uncover the mystery of what lead to the disaster and try and find a way home. DAYS OF MARS is a classic "Zelda" style RPG based on (and above!) the unforgiving plant of Mars. MORE INFO


Stay tuned to the ROBOSARU Games blog for updates and more details on these releases, and some extra surprises!

Happy 2017!



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